Campaign Update: “Vote Local” Galveston

Labor Day weekend and Hurricane Laura are both behind us and our collective attention has turned towards the election. I thought this might be a good time to update you on what we are doing to help voters make this critical choice.


We have updated the issues page on our website to include new information about COVID, focused on both protecting ourselves and on speeding the recovery of our local economy. These are vital aspects of a singular, interconnected issue, and one that we cannot ignore. It is crucial that you know how candidates feel about this issue and others.


Key Issues


Also, as you know, the municipal election will be part of the national election this year. The ballot will be exceptionally large, and straight-ticket voting will not be available for the first time. This new ballot may create some confusion and lead to a large undervote in local contests. To draw attention to our vital local races, we are starting a campaign to encourage people to “Vote Local.” We will be sharing this message through email, social media, and our website. We hope you will join in our effort to encourage Galveston to make local races a top priority.


It is wonderful to have goals and aspirations, but in the end, it’s accomplishments that matter. I am proud of all we have done in the last six years, and I look forward to the opportunity to continue that progress as your next Mayor. To view a partial list of what we have accomplished together, please visit our website.




If you feel we are on the right path, I hope that you will assist my efforts to become your next Mayor, so that I can continue my work moving our city forward. Thank you for all your contributions to our great city and for helping us to build a brighter future for our citizens and community. See you at the polls.