Real Solutions for City Finances

As we approach Early Voting, I’d like to share some good news about the Current Financial state of the City. This time I will not share my own Optimism but the outlook and opinion of Fitch Ratings, a nationally recognized rating organization.

While this may seem technical and mysterious, it’s actually quite simple. Ratings groups such as Fitch do comprehensive and financial investigative research of a city to determine their financial health before giving them their ratings.

Their recent evaluation has given the City of Galveston an overall AA rating and upgraded our HOT Tax rating to AA+. These two ratings put Galveston at the “Top of the Class” with a grade of 93% and 97%, respectively. This is great news for the City and is based on “the city’s healthy operating cushion and resilience to future economic cycles…”

This is what “Real Solutions for Real Progress” can do. We will not rest on our past successes but continue to do everything in our power to make our City Stronger and more Resilient while improving the Quality of Life for our Residents.

I have never been more optimistic about the future of Galveston. If you agree we are on the right track, I NEED YOUR VOTE.

Early Voting starts April 25th, and Election Day is May 7th.

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