Join Our City Boards

As challenging as these times are, it has given many of us time to reassess what is a “want” and what is a “need.” At the City, we have re-evaluated many processes to be as flexible as possible. We want to not only meet current demands but prepare for a more efficient future.

With Emergency Orders and Uncertainty being an everyday occurrence in our lives, consistent and truthful communication is now more critical than ever. Misunderstandings are often caused by inadequate or non-existent communication. Residents and organizations tell me that they are so appreciative when they are kept in the loop, and from knowing that the City carefully considers their opinions. The decisions ultimately may not be as workable as they would like, but they appreciate the chance to have their views considered.

In this spirit, communication is evolving at the City to:

* Involve more resident participation in City Committees, Boards, and Commissions. Citizen participation needs to reflect the diversity of our community. With different perspectives come decisions that are more inclusive of the community as a whole. Please keep in mind that many times we think the critical decisions emanate from the larger Committees and Boards. Still, smaller committees have just as big of an impact, such as the Tree Committee, Animal Services Board, or the Cultural Arts Commission.

* Provide information to as many of you as possible via Newsletters or Social Media Posts to update you on City Decisions, especially before they occur. The better informed our citizens are, the better input they can provide.

* Develop a Contract Monitoring System with the City, Wharves, and Park Board. With this type of ongoing review process, communication between all entities is enhanced, which leads to the more efficient management of procurement, payroll and contracts, and resultant financial savings.

You can’t make a difference unless you are at the table, so please consider this an invitation to pull up a chair.

Have a Communicative August!