Health & Safety of Citizens

As your Mayor, the safety of our community is always my top priority. I will continue my weekly conferences with the Galveston County Health Director and the President of UTMB for the most up-to-date information on fighting this pandemic. The key to controlling the Pandemic, so that we can return to economic viability as soon as possible, is to follow the Governor’s Mask, Social Distancing and Crowd Control Orders. Leadership and Planning become an absolute necessity when you are facing a pandemic and working closely with our Medical experts on the Island to develop an approach that assures the safety and wellbeing of our citizens is the key.

This includes but is not limited to showing leadership by wearing masks when appropriate, taking action to mitigate the effects to our citizens’ health through legislation, fighting to keep our essential health decisions under local control, making sure voting and other vital activities are safe and available, and by making smart choices that properly balance all these competing issues. As your Mayor, I will continue to stand up for our citizens and community, to ensure that we do all we can to protect our City’s health and to speed our recovery.