Flooding & Stormwater

Each year, as we approach election time, the topic of Quality of Life for our residents takes center stage. And rightly so.

As I prepare to run for my last Mayoral term this coming May, Quality of Life issues continue to be foremost in my thinking, and what better one to address than Flooding and Stormwater Management?

As we have seen recently, this one demands the highest priority. That is why I have been continually focused on moving this project forward.

It’s not an issue that is as exciting as this administration’s new streets, expansive parks, or increased cleanliness, but it is the foundation of everything that is important now and in the future.

It’s not cheap, quick, or something you can necessarily appreciate every day, but it is vital to our existence.

That is why I have been at the forefront of redoing our Stormwater Management Master Plan, finding funding for our Pump Stations, and keeping our focus on sustainable and effective solutions.

We won’t see changes overnight, but over the next two years, you will see increased activity in rerouting and upsizing drainage infrastructure, finalizing the design and engineering for our Pump Stations, and purchasing land for additional pump stations as we continue to plan for the future.

We can’t divert our focus just because we don’t see immediate results.

Will we do away with flooding for good? No, but what we can do is have an organized plan that allows our Island to drain far more efficiently and, as the years go by, become even more resilient to the onslaughts of Mother Nature.

Quality of Life is not only for us today but also for our children and their children.