“In the past two terms, we’ve fortified our city’s financial foundations, ensuring stability, enhancing services without burdening taxpayers, and pioneering revenue streams that promise a prosperous future for all our residents.”


1. The City is Very Stable with Reserves funded fully. A continued reduction in the property tax rate occurred for this coming year, which is at a level that is one of the lowest in the area, all the while maintaining quality of services that our citizens deserve.

2. The Percentage of Administrative Staff to total Budget is one of the lowest in this area of the State and our Bond Ratings continues to be at an all time high.

3. We have continued to utilize sales tax for the betterment of our residents especially through our Industrial Development Corporation and thank you to the Citizens of Galveston who overwhelmingly approved the extension of the IDC at this last election.

4. This last year Council continued to explore new streams of revenue from visitor sources such as the Passenger Tariff at CT #10 and a commitment from the Wharves Board and Port Staff to continue this tariff for every future Cruise Contract, that allows for an escalation of this revenue with each passing year.

5. Council approved an extra $I.00 per car/per day for Cruise.
oriented parking for the Port of Galveston and private Cruise Parking

6. These two additions alone will shortly bring in a minimum of 3 million
dollars per year of unrestricted revenue for the benefit of our
residents. And as mentioned this amount should increase each year.

7.. Collective Bargaining discussions have recently been completed with the Police and with our Firefighters. These new agreements will position our Public Safety Personnel to be some of the highest paid in the area.

8. Our Pension Plans have continued to stay within Approved guidelines

9. From an Economic Development standpoint, Shriners Hospital has begun their expansion and new projects on the East and West End as well as at the Port have moved forward.

10.To assist with this the City’s permitting process has become more streamlined and virtually friendly and our Ombudsman program under the direction of Michelle Hay has assisted more small and large businesses than ever before.


As you can see, the City and its residents have benefited from sound deliberate processes.


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