“Real Solutions for Real Progress.”


The following are some of the city improvement projects that I have championed or supported over the past few years.


  • Developing the structure for a Joint Committee between Council and the Park Board for the development of Stewart Beach Park.
  • The redevelopment of Shield and Jones Park.
  • Over 2 million dollars in City funding for the revitalization and maintenance of the City of Galveston Park System – Supported upgrades and much-needed maintenance for all of our City Parks. Improvements to our Parks System has occurred through the partnership of the City and private involvement with organizations such as Better Parks for Galveston. This type of partnership needs to be nurtured in the future to continue to benefit the entire community.
  • Funding for Washington Park – Allowed for the rebuilding of a very iconic park that represents Galveston for those entering the Island. The upgrades have benefited fishermen and boating enthusiasts alike and transformed a seldom-used park into an attraction for locals and visitors.
  • Funding for the Community Pool – Served as the initial funding for the pool and provided for ongoing maintenance to ensure that our first community pool remains at a standard of which we can be proud for many years to come.
  • Funding for the Trees on Broadway – Championed the successful use of 2 million dollars of Hotel Occupancy Tax to replace the iconic trees on Broadway. After Ike, there were many requests for the use of the Hotel Occupancy funds, and supporting the decision to replace the trees on Broadway was a decision that benefited residents as well as visitors alike.

Quality of Life

  • Placing the Quality of Life for Galveston’s residents as the foremost consideration when making decisions.
  • Championed the concept of an internal road at the port to reduce traffic in our neighborhoods.
  • Championed the return of the Rail Trolleys.
  • Assisted with the funding with the July Fourth Parade.
  • The development of rules and regulations as they apply to the operation of golf carts.
  • Maintained a transparent and professional attitude at Council with emphasis on citizen input.
  • Maintained open communication lines with State and Federal officials as well as my fellow Galveston County Mayors.
  • Curb and Sidewalk Program – Has Provided over 62,371 Sq Feet of sidewalks and 10,551 linear feet of new curbs since its inception in 2015.
  • Minimal Standards for Structures Ordinance – Has prompted many property owners to repair and rehabilitate their structures. This ordinance establishes minimal standards for structures in our neighborhoods and allows the City to work with the property owner to prevent structures from becoming a blight on the community.
  • Tax incentives for Historical Homes – Since its initiation in 2015, twenty-six Historical Homes have been Landmarked and scheduled for rehabilitation. One new Conservation District has been established which includes 62 properties.
  • 27th Street Improvements – Transforming a little-used thoroughfare into an exemplary connector street. This project has already spurred economic and residential improvements in the area as well as helped alleviate traffic congestion on other north-south streets.
  • Noise Ordinance – This ordinance Provided Noise controls that have benefited residents as well as commercial segments of our community. The ordinance established a mechanism where residents and business owners can objectively control excess noise in their surroundings.
  • Bike Safety Ordinance – Established specific regulations making a statement that Galveston supports Bicycle Safety. Galveston is well suited for cycling and an increased emphasis on safety and additional bike lanes is of primary importance to foster an alternative to vehicular transit.

Mobility & Parking

  • The construction of a new flyover at 61st. and Broadway.
  • Seawall Parking – Allows for citizen input and funding of Beach-related improvements by those that visit the Beach. This decision allows for the City to use your taxpayer dollars for more resident-oriented services while having a beach parking user fee to pay for improvements and maintenance for the beach.
  • Mobility Parking Study – A Study to determine a plan for Mobility and Parking that benefits not only our visitors but residents as well. Recommendations from this study have expanded our trolley system and developed land-use regulations that are consistent with the needs of our residents as well as our visitors.
  • Rail and Rubber Tire Trolleys – Bringing back the rail Trolleys and enhancing the rubber tire Trolley Service throughout the Island. The Trolleys are becoming a vital part of the Island’s Tourist Transportation System, and as it evolves it will help alleviate increased traffic on the Island.

Economic Development

  • Developing the Structure and Goals for Economic Development.
  • Developing an Ombudsman Program for small and large businesses.
  • Assisted with the Development of the New Shriner Hospital Complex.
  • Supporting the development of Cruise Terminal Three.
  • Supported the expansion of Cargo at the Port.
  • Supported increased dredging at the Port to accommodate larger Cargo Ships.
  • Initiated discussions on partnering with the Port of Houston for the development of Pelican Island.
  • Supported the concept of a more diversified Tourist Population and a Higher Value Tourist.
  • Helped Champion the development of a Juneteenth Exhibition and Museum in Galveston.
  • Facilitated discussions and details for the USS Texas to consider Galveston as its home.
  • Supported a new Master Plan for the Airport.
  • Served as Galveston’s representative on the Houston Galveston Area Council Board of Directors.
  • Participated in presentations to Leadership Galveston, Galveston University, and OLLI for UTMB.
  • Through the IDC supported a marketing plan to assist businesses following lockdowns brought on by the Coronavirus.
  • Supported enhancing communication and use of the consulting services of the Galveston Economic Development Partnership.
  • Harborside Redevelopment – This redevelopment project brought aesthetic improvements and safety changes to one of Galveston’s premier thoroughfares. These improvements have not only beautified the area but also prompted the redirection of Harborside cruise traffic to reduce congestion in the neighborhoods.
  • Downtown Redevelopment – Supported over 8 million dollars of capital improvements for our Downtown. New streets, drainage, and streetscape improvements to enhance one of the premier focal points of our community.
  • Economic Plan Development – Partnered with GEDP to form an Economic Master Plan and established a City focused structure for guiding economic development.
  • Asset Review – This review provided cost savings and efficiency for the City, Park Board, and Port. The City’s agreements guiding management of City-owned assets have not been reviewed in many years, and benefits from the review are already saving money for all entities involved.
  • Public Art – Provided a steady stream of Hotel Occupancy Tax to Fund Public Art for the Community. This annual stream of funds will help establish Galveston as an Art Centric Community and foster Art for our commercial and residential areas.
  • Arts and Historic Preservation Board – Established definite criteria for the use of Hotel Occupancy Tax for the promotion of events. These Hotel Occupancy funds are now subject to increased guidelines that allow for the funds to be used in a manner that promotes the best possible return on investment to benefit the entire community.

Beach & Environmental

  • The development of a new Recycling Center and appointment of a Recycling Committee to guide the new Center.
  • Supported the development of a Learning Pavilion and Boardwalk for the East End Lagoon.
  • Supported increased financial assistance for the West End for remediation efforts following Storms.
  • Supported City/Park Board/GLO/Army Corps of Engineers programs for continual Beach Nourishment.
  • Supported the redevelopment of our Coastal Resource Department at the City.
  • Supported numerous environmental programs for the benefit of the Island with many non-profits on the Island.
  • Babe’s Beach on the Seawall from 61st Street to 83rd Street – Developed an ongoing stream of sand from the Army Corps of Engineer’s dredge material for the formation and maintenance of Babe’s Beach. This undertaking occurred through a Partnership with the City, Park Board, General Land Office, and the Army Corps of Engineers for the benefit of the entire Island.
  • Leave No Trace Ordinance – Approved an ordinance that maintains the appearance of the Beach and saves money for the City and the Park Board. As an example, before this ordinance, 9000 lbs of trash and abandoned canopies were left for removal over one weekend. This ordinance addresses the garbage on our beaches. It also makes a statement that the quality of our beaches is vital to us, and we expect the same respect from those that frequent them.
  • East End Lagoon – After many years of discussion, the City supports the development of the East End Lagoon with an ongoing stream of funding. A plan has been developed to utilize one of the most spectacular environmental areas on the Gulf Coast for the benefit of our residents and visitors.

Flooding & Infrastructure

  • Development of a Master Plan for Flood Control and Drainage for the Island.
  • The construction of two Pump Stations to facilitate Drainage on the Harbor and at English Bayou.
  • The lowering, repaving and placement of new Storm Drains on Broadway.
  • Purchase of Smart Water Meters that will allow the City to respond to catastrophes and citizens in an efficient manner.
  • Initiated dialogue with CenterPoint to provide resilience for our power grid to avoid long-term blackouts due to Storms or Winter events.
  • Building a consensus and developing a Memorandum of Understanding for the construction of a Pelican Island Bridge.

Fiscal Responsibility

  • The proper funding of our reserve accounts.
  • A six-cent reduction in Galveston’s Property Tax.
  • Commitment to continue to reduce the Property Tax for the next fiscal year.
  • Championed payment to the City for each passenger boarding a Cruise Ship at Terminal Three.

First Responders & Pensions

  • Development of a Police Pension Plan that brings the plan into State Guidelines.
  • Initiated discussions concerning the increase of Mental Health Officers for the Galveston Police Department.

Short Term Rentals

  • Short Term Rental Registration – Currently, more than 2700 Short Term Rental units are registered and paying Hotel Occupancy Tax. Short Term Rentals account for approximately one-fourth of the local Hotel Occupancy Taxes collected or 4.5 million dollars a year.
  • Supported a new Software program for management of Short-Term Rentals at the Park Board.
  • Support further discussion into guidelines and further regulations for Short Term Rentals

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