Concerning Jim Yarborough

By CRAIG BROWN June 5th, 2020

Mayor Jim Yarbrough has announced he will be stepping down as Mayor of Galveston effective July 15th. While this announcement comes as a surprise, his decision to protect his health, due to compromised lung function, and the knowledge that he will not be able to represent the City properly in person in the near future, is commendable.

His decision is perfectly in line with the man I know. Serving with Jim over these past six years, I have seen first hand what he has done publicly and behind the scenes to better our community. Putting the community of Galveston first has been his trademark. This attitude is once again exemplified in the timing of his decision. His chosen date of July 15th allows the City to avoid a special election for a Mayor who would serve for only a few months. This choice will save the City much-needed funds at a time when we need every available dollar to help our City recover and reopen following the CoVid-19 Pandemic.

As Mayor Pro Tem, I will assume the position of interim Mayor until the City elections on November 3rd. I am prepared and ready to continue the work that we have done together to move the City forward, while also proudly continuing my responsibilities to my constituents in District 2.

We have an incredible group of men and women presently on Council and serving in Staff positions. We are all looking forward to maintaining the transparency, inclusiveness, and professionalism that all of you deserve.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any thoughts concerning our path forward. I invite all of you to join me in thanking Mayor Yarbrough for the truly outstanding job that he has done for our City and the legacy that he leaves behind.