As I have mentioned before, it is vital that we maintain local control of our city. That is why it deeply concerns me that my Mayoral opponent has been funded and promoted by a National Political Party and other outside special interest groups. In my opinion, this does a grave disservice to the residents of Galveston. Infrastructure and Drainage Repair, providing a Safe and Clean Environment for our neighborhoods, and other Quality of Life issues should not be beholden to outside forces or partisan division.


My candidacy has always been about addressing Galveston’s issues and not about appeasing those outside our community. It seems I am not alone in wanting to avoid the partisan gridlock that is so corrosive to democratic governance. Studies indicate that confidence in the national government has sunk to an all-time low of 38%. These same studies show that trust in local government has remained at 70%. In fact, it has been that way since the 1970s. Why do people find cities more trustworthy than other government entities? I believe it is because people can see and feel how local democracy works directly for them. It has succeeded in maintaining the confidence of the people because it addresses critical local issues head-on.


If left unattended due to partisanship or outside influence, these issues can become major obstacles to continued improvement and growth. We have come too far to go back.


If you honor me by electing me as your next Mayor, rest assured that I will continue to set political differences aside and work to create civic engagement, real-world solutions, and tackle the problems that matter most to our city. My guiding principle has and will always be what is in Galveston’s best interest. At times it can be cumbersome, but by staying true to the concepts of transparency and inclusiveness, Galveston can continue to represent the best that democracy has to offer.

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